About A Weekend Golf Club

Another beautiful Southern California course

A Weekend Golf Club was established in 1997. We had our Inaugural Tournament in March 1998 and have had many successful tournaments since then. We have had both men and women winners in our tournaments and through it all we have met many new and wonderful friends.

Our members have enjoyed playing together outside the tournament arena as well. Some of our members are multi-club members which allows them to play more frequently in tournaments and with different people. We are always seeking input from all of our members regarding future locations, formats, or anything geared toward increasing participation.

Local Tournaments with awards

At the conclusion of every tournament, most everyone gathers for the awards and our added prize giveaways. Everyone who participated in that day's tournament has his/her name put into an envelope. A name is drawn and if that person stayed for the give-away, he/she will receive a special gift. This continues until all the gifts are given away. These gifts range from gift cards, golf clubs, free golf certificates (for two-somes and four-somes), shirts, towels, range ball certificates, sleeves of balls, and much more. The gifts will vary from time to time, depending on the participation for that tournament. Some extra gifts have even been donated from our current membership.

Our monthly "On The Tee" newsletter is included with membership.

Our club's newsletter "On The Tee", provides a monthly report from the Handicap / Membership chairman, a new member list, most improved golfers of the month and year, tournament schedule, as well as the current month's sign-up slip and an additional slip for the next month's tournament. It also has a tournament result's list and a section that has questions and answers to the Rules of Golf or any other important information deemed important to pass on to the membership. The first newsletter, other membership related information, tournament participation rules, how to post your adjusted scores and any other information will be sent to you via email mail and all future newsletters will be sent via e-mail. Your email address will not be given out to anyone without your expressed consent. We send out vital emails during the month that are golf related only.

Men and Women Equally Welcome

Men And Women Equally WelcomeWe accept women and men of all playing levels in our club. During our tournaments, the women will play from the Red or forward tees and the men will play from either the White or Blue tees. The scores will be adjusted to USGA rules to allow for the difference in the tees. New members or guests who wish to participate in our tournaments that do not have a current index, can play in the tournament and will be given a handicap (according to USGA rules) when they are through. Once you are a member, you may join us for a round of golf for a reduced fee even if you do not wish to participate in the prize fund.

So come and join the fun!