What is an Index?

Get your SCGA handicap

The Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) provides to each member a USGA-approved handicap index. This number will allow you to post your scores electronically at thousands of courses around the US and every golf course facility in California.

Why is getting an SCGA index important?

Club members can see their results online

Your index allows you to find your handicap at any course you play. Your handicap is the number of strokes you receive during a round of golf to adjust your scoring ability to the common level of a scratch or zero-handicap golfer. This makes the playing field more fair and enjoyable for everyone, even "duffers". You can verify your index at any time online at the SCGA website.

Club members see their file of the 20 most recent games posted, their current indexes for the past 6 months and more! You can even call them at 1-888-724-2202 to find out your index for the current month.

How do I obtain an SCGA/USGA Handicap Index?

An individual must join a golf club in compliance with the SCGA/USGA's procedures of handicapping. You may join a club that has a home course, or you may join an affiliate golf club, such as ours, that does not have any affiliation with any golf course. (See SCGA Affiliate Golf Clubs Seeking Membership). The golfer must post their adjusted scores, which are subject to peer review. Once a player has posted five scores, he/she will receive an official Handicap Index. If you are unable to post your score at the golf course for any reason, you may post your scores over the Internet, or our handicap chairman can post it for you.